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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> this story developing, in the process of shot g down at least one side of the ben franklin bridge, let's watch it happen. steve? >> let me clarify, the bridge not being shutdown. all philly bound traffic will be forced off at north fifth street. they will do that at 9:15, it
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was going to be 9:00 now it is 9:15. all right, you can see, they are getting ready to do. that will they need to shut the ramp down, as they call it, to get this truck out of the way. so at 9:15 they'll have everybody going down north fifth street. might not even let them down that cobblestone street along the bridge, to fourth street, where you would see the traffic. because, they don't want old city flooded when people, so detour them down, then over to callowhill then onto vine street expressway. that way they get people eventually to the schuylkill expressway where most of the people want to go. the reason why this thing is taking so long, when they tried to get this thing out of here after three lousier last night, the axle fell off the truck. that's the official explanation right now, john hanson who is in charge. drpa and he is a guy that doesn't have anything lost in translation, calls me direct, and he will update us if anything else needs to be updated.
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but that's the story see you again at quarter after 9:00. and if you have any questions not clear enough, fire away. >> no, no, no you cleared it up. they'll divert you onto north fifth, then probably callowhill, spring garden, stuff like that. >> you aced the test. >> so back there in a few minutes to see them put this into effect. so many people we met last night, watch our show. >> high, everybody, great to see you last night. boy, took few pictures, didn't he? so over to miss tootsies, to watch the finale of empire. >> all morning we've been discussing what was the most shocking moment. >> owner have sean, but for me, i have to say hakeem,
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boo-boo kitty my gosh, that was not expected. >> they slept together. trying to think if there was much sleeping going on. >> and you guys were watching with hisser? >> we were. >> how was that. >> everyone screamed i was likes oops this is awkward. one thing we talk about before, when you watch like sex scenes, with family members, can you imagine if you in your son was in the sex scene and you're watching it with them? >> it was actually the end. if you haven't seen it, cover your ears. this is the very end of the two hours when lucious is arrested. >> yep. >> for dollars murder of bunky. but vernon told him him. >> but he thinks cookie told on him. >> then the sons involved. >> this morning i kept seeing all of this lucious lions really what's this about? sue had to tell me, the nature at the ends. >> everyone hashtag g that. >> something martin? >> dwight. >> dwight. >> my real name is dwight. but people are making fun of
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me. >> so he changed his name ya. >> what's funny, somebody told me go fun me account. from >> people taking this seriously? >> playing monopoly, because it is the eighth birthday of monopoly today. >> soy tell us about the party. >> so our watch party of course, was a great time. we had a lot of people came out. >> so we got to meet and talk with everybody, there is sue lauren, were you there. >> i was there. >> the mayor came out. brought his wife. >> and got to watch it with rash ear gray, or hakeem on the show or yaz the greatest. there is the fan his mom in the yellow dress looking lovely. all his family came around, great time watching it with them. >> when i first got there ways taken up by you guys. >> three levels. >> as i wack augusting in she was like okay, so i want to thank everyone for coming, thank you for your support but listen, here to watch the show.
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>> oh,. >> that's true. >> turn off your cell phones. >> yes, so i thought of alex like she has to be up in the front row. she was all serious about watching it. so she was telling everyone, we're here to party i appreciate you being here, but we're here to watch. >> want to watch of course. after every commercial, everyone quiet. time to be quiet. >> so we have pictures, how about this picture last night? so this is great. so on the left is mo'ne davis' mother. >> we met her -- two days ago yes. talking, apparently mo'ne was calling her being mom i want to come. no this is grown folks party. >> you know what, oh, your daughter mo'ne is so sweet. but very mild mannered and soft spoken. she goes not at home. >> so, if we can pull a picture. so then it was also mayor nutter you can see in the picture. >> and then also, was there of course close up picture of hakeem his mother,. >> that's sean, isn't it? >> yes. then we had our philly bachelor sean bullard from
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match made in heaven. he also came. he was there. it was great to see philly out there supporting philly. you know what i mean? but also, wasn't just, you know as huey dillon calls it the celebrity. also a lot of people just came out. i shot this video. this is when right before, probably 6:30, before the doors even opened, it was around the block. so i went outside to wave everybody, felt bad, waiting out in the coal, and they're yelling empire, hey. but they're saying hey we can't wait. hey, alex. really cute. >> people were like come on, starts in 20 minutes, we have to get inside. it was a big turn out. >> yes, lots of people. >> i won't even mention what happened. >> no one wanted -- might as well say there were three levels. speakers and the sound was crackling. >> yes. >> but on one level, the sound didn't work for like the first ten minutes. oh, my gosh. >> not good. >> me and sue and mike made great escape.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> well, the dj, great guy -- >> oh, no. >> but can you imagine? >> yes. >> like where -- >> don't play me. >> but i was talking to people watch ward all over, most people had great time. >> yes. >> oh, met so many people who watch this show, we want to thank you for watching every day. >> did your cheeks hurt from smiling so much? >> yes, and meeting everybody just really great time. it was. >> it was fun. >> and hell tow rita. >> who is rita? >> second floor bar tender. >> oh? >> she is lovely. today's a big day for the folks that hasbro. the big monopoly makers, they make a bunch of toys and board games. >> eighty years old today. >> look at. that will so made it nearly billion people in over 100 countries have played, this real estate board game. and i never new this, i guess because i am the new girl here in philly but based on the street of atlantic sit. >> i yes look at the names here. >> you know what some people in our meeting yesterday from philly, i won't call them out
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but they didn't know that. but now we know. >> now you got boardwalk and park place oh, mediterranian marvin gardens. >> true. >> ventnor. >> we were talking about the different pieces you can pick to be, this is a throw back version, you have here on the set. >> iron board here. >> was replaced by i think last year by a cat. >> yes. >> kitty kitty kitty. throw back thursday, we have this vintage board. >> now the way i used to cheat, because you can't get this game over with in a matter of hours takes all day? >> it does take a long time. >> i used to stuff a bunch of 500's, that i would honestly win, but put it way under the board like hide it. so your family members, my sisters would think i was broke. >> oh? >> and then they try to buy my deeds and stuff. and i would whip out a big wad from under the board. >> terrible. >> (laughing). >> we used to get so mad at
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each other. >> oh, we get work up. family game nights every friday at my house we would get all into it. monopoly? >> you know another one i liked, when i was growing up, my favorite, candy lands. >> oh, that's a good one,. >> always been your favorite. >> you flip over the little card get the ice cream float get to go all the way up to the top. >> another one that takes a long time, life. it takes your whole life to get through it. >> darn right. another simple one i like, sorry. >> pick sean area? >> i like that, too. >> so fun when you see people acting things out doesn't know what to do. >> boy we're corny. >> every friday night. >> timed have changed. can i say this? mothers and daughters chasing closer err than ever they have been before, i think social media, so much so, they
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consider themselves friends. that's my mom and she's my best friend. >> yes. and besse. one in four young women have gone club withing their mom often more than once. experts say today's mothers have more in common with their children, much more open and flexible than years past. only 13% said they didn't socialize with their mother. they asked if they would be open to it, most said yes if they promise not to embarrass them. >> and there is your key right there, karen hepp, first of all, i'm get neice from these two, lauren, have you ever been club withing your mother? >> yes. >> i knew it. >> yes. >> i bet you have not? >> not with my mother, but my father. >> oh! >> karen help went on girls week win her mom. >> you went snout. >> it was spa. we went hiking. had wine at nighttime. but i have gone out with my mom in the past, college times, nyu, did i then.
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so i think when it goes tragically wrong you think of gina and lindsey lohan like that's a whole train wreck. but i think if you are close with your moms today they can be more hip both of are you super tight with your moms. so, i imagine that you spend time going out. i think nothing wrong with it occasionally. >> my mom knows all my friends, gets to see what we do. >> my dad wanted to see how we do it nowadays in the club. that's why we did t he wanted to see. >> you just went away mike to miami in the last year with one of your daughters? >> oh, ya, ya. >> i heart radio stuff hanging with all of the stars. >> yes executive of eye heart radio, so has it throw these big concerts, ariana grand, i flew down, met her, it was in a club. >> did you have -- >> little special section vintage people. >> do you need your own section, vintage people? >> i was at the club with you before. do you remember the time you
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jumped in the dj booth? >> no. where was it. >> of course he will say he doesn't. >> i'll find pictures right now. >> what's funny my dad we were in south carolina he wanted to come. so you know we have the lines for security? so going through there, they are patting people down, my dad's like do you have a knife? and my dad is sitting there he goes no, do i need one? >> good line. >> san in filly? >> in fill. >> i northern liberties? >> yes. >> sky box. >> was that it? >> i think it was. >> oh, mike's up in the club. >> up in the club. >> okay, so, as you know, annie the musical is in town right now right? >> so later on good day the young actress to plays annually perform tomorrow. no she is doing it today. but she is singing tomorrow. no, it is today. oh, she is singing the song tomorrow? >> yes. >> no, look at you.
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>> look what i found yesterday, jennifer joyce, reporter here at fox my goodness, she played annie in high school. >> look at this, got pretty good singing voice but says it has been about 15 years since she has sung. >> dust off that wig. >> we went over to pierre's costume shop, got her an annie dress. >> oh, no. >> and got her a wig so she will do that before 9:00. sing tomorrow. >> no today. >> tomorrow. >> today. >> you got it. >> we know what you mean. >> later. >> let's just go to sue while we figure out whether it is today or tomorrow. >> i was thinking one of those days you will need your snow boots. >> not today. >> so the sun will not come out tomorrow? >> no, the snowflakes will fall tomorrow ♪ ♪ >> snow, wet slushy snow, accumulating snow in some
9:15 am
places tomorrow. >> high of 35 degrees, means rain mixed in. it just depends on where you live. but we expect this all to get started tomorrow. >> late morning it begins, lasts all day long, saturday likes great sunny milder, high of 54. then coal again sunday, with a high in the 40's, stays pretty chilly through tuesday of next week, back to the 50's, by wednesday. guys? >> great. exactly 915:67:89 steve predicted that they're going to make this adjustment on the ben franklin bridge. what are you seeing? >> take it steve. >> all right we're live. i'm at the foot of the ben franklin bridge. here another question, mike. you may have been right. because there is an overpass, if they were going to detour all traffic down north fifth within 70 yards, there is an overpass. you can see the signs that that is not -- see the truck with the red arrow like the
9:16 am
ghost busters sign? that's because the trucks won't clear that. this bridge is loaded with mega buses double decker, big buses, they're coming over. and large tall trucks are coming over. so they have massive back up here. so they may just stop traffic either on the bridge temporarily or not let people over from new jersey. >> but the truck back on its sides, they needed more space they needed to close that ramp those three lanes going to vine st. and the convention center and to northbound 95, so, it was supposed to happen at 9:00 czars where they were going to shut this down and force everybody off here. but you can see, it is 9:15, and they are still letting everybody go by. so who knows what's going on every time we call for an update, it seems like it is getting moved back a little bit. >> hey, control room? can you punch up the other side of the ben franklin bridge? bob's camera? you can see they are stopping the traffic steve. >> bob: if you can take my traffic camera, there you go, live look from the camden toll
9:17 am
plaza, where police have all traffic stopped leaving new jersey into philadelphia. you can see two police officers there. >> again, no one coming into philadelphia at all. and this is obviously going to be temporary shutdown. until they get that truck uprighted. but the cars that steve saw coming into philadelphia eventually that will trickle down to zero, then all folks here just going to have to sit, put it in park, turn the car off until they get that truck cleared out of there. >> do you think they'll keep it like this until they get that truck upright in the. >> i think what they're concerned about whatever they upright something obviously some leaking fuel f they upright that and a spark goes off, bamm, we have a fire. so until they can get a safety all-clear from those guys, we will be in this mode here, right now but what's tough the delaware river port authority, they keep moving the time back. >> yes. >> and we're trying to get an
9:18 am
update from them, and i think all of the drivers too you know? they sign up for the texts and all of that. >> do we have control of this camera? >> no, we do not have control of that, no. >> can you imagine how far the back up is? >> apply goodness. >> i talk to few people. they have been watching and listening, which is good. but the folks are boarding the benny, but, there are still folks who you know, obviously can sit there. >> let's see what steve's camera is doing. they are area starting to work on the truck now? >> report they're not working on it now they don't have the ramp closed, but police officers looks like he is waiting for the traffic to clear, then close t they did just bring sweeper truck in here while bob was talking, as he said, they'll have to clean up the mess once they get the truck out of here. they won't right this thing and tow it and clear it in ten minutes of air covered countless accidents. >> this will be a while. i can tell you the traffic will back up down route 38, down route 70, down the admiral wilson boulevard, down the cooper river on 130. so you'll have a back up. and rush hour in philly lasts until about 11:00 now.
9:19 am
a lot of people listen to dvd's or ipods they don't list ten traffic reports on the radio any more. that's so 70s. and a lot of people don't even watch it. >> v and watch bob kelly or probably figure since this happened 8:30 p.m. last night no way is that truck still going to be there. so here we are again little more than 12 hours after the crash, and it is still exactly where it was when it crashed at 8:30. mike, you aced your earlier test. i said this now at 7:00 couple of hours ago. let's test your memory. this truck was loaded with kiwi. the kiwi fruit. most of them come from new zealand. but new zealand say the kiwi about, what do they call it? >> chinese beer us? >> , no chinese gooseberry us. >> sorry. i forgot the goose. >> important detail. >> mike, i don't know if alex tree beck would have said chinese berry whether they would have accepted that, but i will. >> alex tree beck holly new the right phrase there. >> helping you out.
9:20 am
>> thank you alex. >> you used a life line. >> here we go. the traffic is stopped. and you can see, they have the big yellow arrow trucks, nothing coming over the ben franklin bridge, or as bob calls it the benny right now. so that's a rare same you even usually see it races at 83 which is always fun to run over the ben franklin bridge, when everybody's on it but foot traffic like it was intended back when first built. but they've got that shutdown now. and you're going to start seeing the back up big time. the reason they had to do that is that overpass, look at the buses going over right now that bus, like that coming over this way see hit the curb? yes, this is why curbs are beaten up. you got all of those big things this, this bridge was made for like horse and buggies and people. >> true. >> not for mega buses. >> and so, that's why they were -- they would have had a real mess on their hands so smartly just keep the people sitting in the cars and trucks and buses on the jersey side. and now they're already lifting the truck here, you can see, they are lifting the
9:21 am
truck inbetween the zipper truck and the sweeper truck. so, they are going to try to do it as fast as they k but with the way this day has been going, don't be surprised if there are few complications. >> okay. let's run couple of commercials here and come right back to you. i want to sigh this tow truck try to yank that truck out of the way. hey, how's it going? oh, jennifer and i had the most romantic vacation. really? there were gunshots... explosions... one night we decided to spice things up
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>> they got the truck, murphy's law during the commercial break we saw them right the truck on all of its wheels now butts in the half, bob, the trailer is bus in the half. but looks like they'll hook up the big red tow truck, and yank it out of there. >> one of the tow trucks they used to upright. you're right, that thing busted in the center, than is a look at what's left. some of the produce kiwi, that was on that tractor-trailer. so that stuff all offer to the side of the roadway.
9:25 am
traffic is moving from jersey to fill. >> i they allowed traffic to start to move again. like i said, they're not going to allow traffic to go past that tractor-trailer. see the cones? >> they're pushing everybody on to the sharp curve. that's fifth street. that will will push everybody onto fifth street. cobblestone road will get you to up callowhill, spring gardens. >> block off the tight turn down to fourth street. >> and thrush be everything, basically northern liberties. then from there make left onto spring spring garden callowhill and that will further your trip into center city. but eventually cars in the jersey side will make their way over, still no access to the vine expressway most folks do it because they can access center city, access the vine street expressway, the schuylkill expressway, even folks coming over the ben franklin, there is no access to 995. so get to the airport. >> nope. >> so if your. ' headed to the air use the whitman, betsy ross, pick up
9:26 am
95. >> you know that bridge was finished in 1926. they never knew it was going to be huge trucks like this. >> well, they started in 1922. and took what four years to bill. and yes, no way did they imagine. >> i think we got this egg figured out, bob don't youy? >> i think so. don't use the ben. >> i and it all started in new zealand. when they started picking comecats? >> chinese gooseberry us. >> kiwi. >> yes, kiwi. all right, out to los angeles i'll set it up again. there were fights. there was sex. family drama out the with a zoo for two full hours. >> okay, so this nation's head crash, joining us live from la. >> welcome back to philly! >> hello. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's do top three.
9:27 am
>> more shah, we start with you, most shocking moments. >> oh, of empire. >> oh, ya. >> most shocking moment to me had to be when lucious found out he didn't have als. i felt like that the moment everything was going to change because all every hissings toss that point were because he thought he was going die so now what's he going to do now that he's actually going to live? >> good point. >> very shock to go me. >> point of the show in the beginning. >> yes, but a shocker for me when we found out hakeem was sleeping with kitty boo-boo. >> boo-boo kitty. >> my, my, absolutely blown at that moment. and i think one of the things that we were told looking forward to the whole season, because it was inevitable, a fight between anik a and cookie. >> oh,. >> the way the fight popped off was so awesome. >> who won snow. >> you know what? i'm going have to call that one a draw with the feature rematch possibly set to season two. >> good one. >> some people are saying cookie though, because she
9:28 am
really got it right in the face. >> punch her right in the face. >> but book book kitty steps up. i do have to say now her pearls did break. >> her pearls would not move. i saw them move. >> also, i have to give anika additional point. she took a drink to the face, @ parentally her skin absorbed it all. >> exactly shoe had to duck, went right off. >> you too. mike and alex watching the sex scene in front of hakeem's mom h a watch party here in philadelphia can you believe that? >> it was really steamy. i mean, to me, it is like what do you do? do you just, you know go, get something to eat try talk about something else or pay attention in that's craze. >> i and i think another big shocker last night was like the fact that vernon got killed.
9:29 am
>> i'm loving you guys out on at 2:30 here on our fax steaks here in philly. continued success. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> okay, now we told you earlier that jenny joyce bunch our reporters; going to sing. she hasn't sung tomorrow from annie, in probably 15 years. can you punch up her short right there? so our jed is he getting her wig on right now. >> awe. she has the annie dress ready to go. she said she is willing to sing live on our show. wait for this reveal. >> oh, it will be good. >> all right jenny
9:30 am
you know i tried one of those bargain
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okay. here is the challenge. >> yes, two kids, one bedroom. earlier i mentioned you could trying to decorate it forsch draw one white line straight down the middle of the bedroom. >> your stuff over here, my stuff over there don't touch it. >> had does in the work. >> all right jen help. >> you know, hey guys, you know what is interesting when i was little and shared room with my twin brother we did have a imagery line. he had the door, i had bathroom. if you have have to go to the bathroom you have to let me get through the the door. we are here, this morning. >> good morning. >> thinks actually your on is's room. >> thinks dillon's safari theme room. >> you design it with two kid in mind. lets do bragging a little bit. it has been on a number of blogs and a inspiration for jessica beal's baby room. >> yes. >> so you begin with one inspiration and what is that. >> this is a gucci scarves that was my mom, vintage. we had it frame. we used that as an inspiration
9:34 am
for the room for the theme and colors. it has your yellow green, gray and tope and pull it all together for both a girl or a boy, with the pink. >> right new is there one human that lives here but eventually you can sleep two. day bed is a great thing. >> it started off as a bed for me to lay and nurse him in but now it will change into dillon's bed. we will put guardrails up so he does not jump up. they can use it as a couch and somewhere to get comfortable. >> smaller than having two twin bed in this room you wouldn't be able to fit that. this day bed is a great spot. fits in the wall. it does than the take up too much space and cute idea to put pillows and decorate it. >> gender neutral. big animals make a big statement but they are fun for them to play with. >> we talk about the giraffe monkey, dillon loves them and now that he is a toddler he wants to play with them. it looks cute but so much fun
9:35 am
to play with. >> you have found, because you are a genius, storage options. the looks cute but this is where diapers go. >> we put his diapers in there. we have within over there where we have nighttime diapers. we have another one we put wipes in. we use it to store things but also, of course, be cute and decorative for the room. >> you say the the big stuff expenditure carbon that. >> yes good spend your carbon your rocker, your dresser your crib and day bed and it stays gender neutral so you can use it again. other items such as pillows little decoration things like the light, actual that i animal was on clearance, $15 at marshals. >> yeah. >> talk to me, you like this in particular for a changing table because it can be a desk or dress are this dresser works great. we have our changing pad. we can use that for infant but then we can house all of the blankets and shoes and wipes and clothing in there to use it for both. if i you have just a changing
9:36 am
table you can use it for both purposes. >> one thing i found interesting is there a tell rigs in your room. >> yes. >> a lot of people don't necessity which way they wanting to. >> yes good this works really well because we do use it for dillon in the only for educational things but for music. he loves to dance. we will put music up there. >> fun. >> i can take a shower and i put him in here and he watches tv. >> yeah. >> you guys are rocking it. wydell design. >> yes good they are doing birthday parties, nursery decor and it looks good right guys. >> it is beautiful. safari theme and all that. i want them to be my mommy. >> yes, flat screen. >> i never had a tv in my room growing up. >> my parents wouldn't a allow it. >> it is a new day, it is i new dawn. >> our next guest they have brought in great treats. >> wait, wait, it the is fox furs day mike. >> we will show more of these treats yeah.
9:37 am
>> you need something to1 underline evertz test text1
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it is time for fox furs day and what a special special fox furs day because downtown haddonfield this saturday we will be going to the dogs. why there is one. portrait have of one. they are celebrating our four leg friend with the first ever pet applause a a it is so much fun and we will get rid of the snow just in time. best of all proceed will benefit camden county animal shelter and that is where roofus came from that is why roofus came to work with mommy, 2008 we got him on a fox furs day from the camden county animal shelter. he is very loved.
9:41 am
if you have a pet you will want to bring him to haddonfield on saturday. if you don't have a pet you will get one on saturday. it is win, win win, win. we have deborah, a portrait artist. we have cristina here from your shop which is a head of the pack pets and you make these beautiful treats. tell us about what will happen on saturday. >> on saturday we are excite in the town. we are going to have lots of festivities for the the pet event. there will be a parade starting at 12:00 noon. >> dress up your dog. >> dress up if you like. it is not mandatory but it would be fun if you did. we will have lots of artists balloon artists, pet portraits, pet service vendors, in addition to that parade starts at noon. you can register for your pets at haddonfield dot column, downtown >> you will have all these treats available. >> these treats will be available. they are featured products from signature bones and murray's. is a pet's birthday
9:42 am
cake. >> yes. >> human grade. >> but dogs are the one that like it. >> they don't have have enough sugar for us because they are probably healthier. >> they probably would be tough on the teeth the but they are human grade. >> you like it the though. >> but, for the whole thing the the proceed benefit the camden county animal shelter and monday case here from the shelter. tell us who you brought who needs a home. >> we have carlos a one year-old chihuahua terrier mix. >> um-hmm. >> and then down here we have astros with us. he business three years old a lab pit mix he is lounging around. >> yes, look at him. >> he came in as a stray. he has some scars there. was hit by a car. >> look at astros from the jetson's. >> yes, just lounge ago way. >> these dogs will be here at the event saturday with five other dogs and kittens. >> great. >> we are excited. >> so lets go over to deborah. because once you get your pet
9:43 am
you can have have a port trait painted of your pet. you started doing this because were you painting a portrait and that is how you met your husband. >> correct. he lost his dog, and this is a portrait of the codey. in the corner is a photograph that was given to me. >> you painted a portrait. >> many years ago, a nice keep sake. >> and you fell in love good we fell in love. >> we fall in love with our pets. we can have them for never a painting that you would paint. >> absolutely. >> reason roofus is here because you did a painting of roofus. >> i did a port trait for roofus. >> it is right here. so lets turn it around. >> okay, here we go. >> are you ready. >> are you finish. >> i am finish. >> lets see what roofus looks like. >> right to elliott's camera right there. >> roof us, look at you, look at yourself. >> that is just gorgeous. >> thank you. >> that is roofus when we
9:44 am
wildwood opened up their dog beach and we took him there last year. he was king of the beach. >> good job she did. because i have the real thing here. you will be available on saturday. >> i will be available on saturday and if anyone would like to contact me they can go to haddonfield friend web site which i have an art class there for children as well. >> we will have have the hookup on our web site at my fox >> christine, give us hours. >> saturday 12:00 noon to 4:00. parade starts at 12:00. please sign up downtown hopefully you will join us. >> it will be 50 degrees. we have arrange to get rid of the snow. >> thank you so much everybody from camden county animal shelter we love you, thank you for our roofus. >> thank you for adopting. >> mike. >> oh, guess what. >> what? >> we have the star of the stage play annie who will sing for us, next there she is.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
i'm going to go see this
9:48 am
because my daughter jessica had the full annie out the fit when we went to see the movie and she stayed tonight for a month. >> you know what is better than having a full out the fit is actually being annie. >> the stage production is in town right here in philadelphia young woman plays annie is issie welcome to philadelphia thank you isie. >> welcome. >> how old are you. >> turnaround this way so people can see you. >> i'm nine years old. >> i'm sure. >> i think i'm sure. >> do you have id. >> i'm almost ten. >> how did you audition to get the the part of annie. >> we had to go for two weeks. iowas in florida. we had to do auditionness new york city. so, fly up saturday i got a call back i had to go up next saturday and then a at the end of the day they called me into a room with mize mom and dad and asked me to be annie and they don't usually do that they usually call the girls.
9:49 am
>> i heard you. you good are. >> all of the girls with the red hair auditions. >> one girl came in she dyed her hair. >> did you have to dye your hair. >> i have naturally brown hair and it was down to here but i had to cut it. >> yes. >> i got to give to it locks of love. >> so that is a good thing. >> good for you. >> when you sing tomorrow your hair looks like this and then it blows autopsy right. >> yes. >> you have a wig to wear on stage. >> yeah. >> where is is it where the production here in philadelphia. >> it is at the at contacted my of music. >> yes good plays through between the second. how do you do it tonight after night. >> well, i have been doing the show for six and a half months now so i'm used to it. it the is second nature to me. it gets easier for me but i still have to keep it fresh and it never gets boring for
9:50 am
me. >> you consider yourself annie, would you turnaround. >> yes. >> i would. >> so cute. >> what are you going to see for you. >> i will sing tomorrow. >> perfect. >> okay. >> go up to the microphone here, we will start music and i will get out of the way. >> me too. >> okay. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> yeah.
9:53 am
jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail.
9:54 am
whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger! aunt bonnie, can i hold her? can. aaahh. cup your hands together for me. rub it all the way up your hands. any exposed skin. get in your elbow creases. and get the backs of your hands too. here, let's put some just around your neck. ok bonnie, you're good to go.
9:55 am
ok, great thanks. here can you hold him? by their second kid, every mom is an expert. and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms. live, learn, & get luvs. can i say you are fantastic. >> thank you we have a news reporter here by the name of jennifer joyce. she played annie and sang in a high school production. the here's a picture. she has not sung in public in 12 or 15 years. >> we have to bring her in. >> with you like to judge her performance. >> sure. >> you are the expert. >> jenny joyce come on in. >> annie.
9:56 am
>> annie2, come on in. >> i mean lou great. >> thank you. >> i feel fabulous. it is so much fun i look like i'm in high school, don't i. >> here's your problem. di did you find any. >> no, you didn't have any. >> what we had to do was we borrowed a lucy ball wig and it is just in the quite working. >> what do you think annie1. >> well for my wig and my show they have short hair, and pin curls, so, they don't clip it or anything but it looks pretty good. >> well, thank you. >> actually, jenny's biggest concern is not her hair, it is her voice. >> are you ready. >> i'm as ready as i will ever be. >> we will step back. the the judging people will step back. get on your marks there. >> jennifer joyce is annie singing tomorrow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger!
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, wendy has got you covered with all of the juiciest hot topics. and from insurgent part of the blockbuster divergent movie series mekhi phifer is here. plus another lucky wendy watcher to miami beach. now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: yeah! so good. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: welcome to the show. thank you


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